Rincon Sneak Concludes – Snacks & Facts Kicks Off!

The annual spring walking tour series has officially concluded for the year, with the Rincon Sneak walking tour celebrating its second successful edition. Led by dedicated local volunteers, these tours provided an immersive experience for participants.

During the Rincon Sneak walking tour, nearly 100 individuals, comprising both residents and visitors, embarked on a journey through The East Cut. The tour allowed them to uncover hidden pathways and gain valuable insights into the upcoming developments within the area including The East Cut Sports & Dog Park. These tours served as an excellent platform to educate attendees about the neighborhood and showcase its vibrant community garden. The tours provided a unique opportunity for neighbors to connect and forge new connections.

Looking ahead, the community has exciting plans for the upcoming months. Starting in August, a new walking and food tour series titled “Snacks & Facts” will be launched. This tour promises to take participants on a culinary adventure, highlighting local eateries while also showcasing the captivating public art and sculptures in the area.

Snacks & Facts Walking Tour - Summer series

We highly recommend you reserve a spot early to ensure participation in this exciting experience! Check out the Eventbrite page to learn more.