Frequently Asked Questions

The East Cut CBD is your neighborhood steward and advocate. We provide cleaning, security, and programming, and work with property managers and the City to make the public realm more enjoyable for all. The East Cut CBD committee meetings, including street services, parks and greenspace, and economic development, are open to the public, and we welcome all members of the community to attend!
The East Cut CBD completed a nine-month public process that involved our 23-member Board of Directors, public community meetings, interviews, and surveys in order to develop a name that represented the three neighborhoods that the CBD encompasses (Transbay, Folsom, and Rincon Hill). The East Cut is a reference to the 1869 Second Street Cut, east of which is the district. The roadway cut flattened Second Street and Rincon Hill in order to facilitate commerce from Mission Bay to Downtown.
Our east/west boundaries are generally defined as the east side of 2nd Street to The Embarcadero, and the north side of Mission to Harrison streets. The boundaries are determined by parcels that pay the annual East Cut CBD special assessment.
The East Cut CBD provides clean & safe services throughout the neighborhood 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Our dispatch line and Twitter account are monitored at all times. You can call for service at 415-543-8223, or send us a tweet or DM at @ECDispatch. Our services team will typically respond to requests within one hour.
The East Cut team conducts daily outreach to unhoused individuals in the district. When making contact with an individual we first perform a welfare check to see if any immediate needs can be met. Our team does not have the authority to physically move people; only SFPD and the Sheriff’s Department have the legal authority to move individuals. We aim for voluntary compliance and have found the most success when simply being friendly and consistent in our contacts.
The East Cut CBD has developed The East Cut Open Space Inventory, which documents over 40 Privately Owned Public Open Spaces (POPOS) throughout the district! POPOS are private property and the responsibility of the property owner to maintain, and each has its own hours of operation. The East Cut services team will provide a presence adjacent to these spaces, but we cannot enter any private property to clean or engage with individuals.
The East Cut CBD pays 80% of the maintenance and programming of Salesforce Park. All of the programming - fitness, music, children’s activities, art, and more - is supported by The East Cut CBD, as well as plant maintenance and operations. We hold monthly Salesforce Park Committee meetings that are open to the public and we welcome anyone to come and share their thoughts and ideas.
There are many opportunities to volunteer with The East Cut CBD, including assisting at our community events with simple bartending, checking in guests, and setup/breakdown. More important, the CBD is required to fundraise every year to meet quality-of-life standards expected by property owners. A particular area in need of extra funds is our parks and greenspace. Most parks in the City are funded by the City, but in the East Cut, the CBD pays for the operations and maintenance of our neighborhood’s parks.

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