Support The East Cut Community Benefit District’s mission to improve the livability, economic diversity, and social/cultural value of the neighborhood by volunteering your time with us! If you are interested in making a lasting impact for your current and future neighbors, come work alongside The East Cut CBD staff and volunteers on advancing community-based programs!

Volunteer Opportunities – Summer/Fall 2021

To celebrate and enhance the value of the incredible spaces, art pieces, plants, and skyline-defining architecture in the neighborhood, The East Cut CBD is creating a series of neighborhood tours based on four different themes: hidden places, public art, Salesforce Park horticulture, and architecture.

>> East Cut Tour Docents

The tours have officially launched! Join our team of volunteer docents to lead your own walking tours in the neighborhood!

>> Essex Community Garden

Coming Soon!

Volunteer Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Submit a volunteer form
  • Attend volunteer training sessions
  • Commit to attending regular community events

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