Support The East Cut Community Benefit District’s mission to improve the livability, economic diversity, and social/cultural value of the neighborhood by volunteering your time with us! If you are interested in making a lasting impact for your current and future neighbors, come work alongside The East Cut CBD staff and volunteers on advancing community-based programs!

Volunteer Opportunities – Spring/Summer 2022

To celebrate and enhance the value of the incredible spaces, art pieces, plants, and skyline-defining architecture in the neighborhood, The East Cut CBD is creating a series of neighborhood tours based on four different themes: hidden places, public art, Salesforce Park horticulture, and architecture.

>> CBD Office Administrative Support (2-4hrs/Week)

The East Cut CBD is looking for a volunteer to support the Management Team with the calendaring and minutes-recording of its public committee meetings.

>> Community Events (Bi-Monthly Events)

The East Cut CBD produces six large community events every year and is looking for neighbors to accompany the planning and execution of events. Some events gather hundreds of neighbors and dozens of families and volunteer support is essential to provide a fun and safe experience for everyone.

>> Walking Tour Guides (Monthly to Weekly Events)

The tours have officially launched! Join our team of volunteer guides to lead your own walking tours in the neighborhood! Volunteers meet to elaborate tours, research content, and develop strategies to grow walking tours.

Volunteer Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Submit a volunteer form
  • Attend volunteer training sessions
  • Commit to attending regular community events

Volunteer Form

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