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What’s missing in San Francisco’s fastest-growing neighborhood? A park that can serve all living and working in the East Cut and adjacent neighborhoods. That’s where the Sports & Dog Park comes in. Creatively designed under and around freeway ramps, the park will provide workers, families, and visitors with access to fitness facilities, public space, gathering areas, and one of the largest dog parks in the city. Most of the project funding has been secured. However, the District is responsible for about 10%
of the costs and is generating this revenue through community fundraising and corporate partnerships.

Walkthrough video of the Sports & Dog Park schematic plans (CMG Landscape Architecture)

Thank you to our campaign donors, early supporters, and long-time partners for joining us in advancing the most important upgrade in the neighborhood and the most exciting park project in San Francisco!

Thank you to our board members Jonathan Shum, Lauren Post, Leah Edwards, Katina Johnson, Dan Esdorn, Dan Coming, Tony Birdsey, Larissa Acosta, Jessica LeGault, Wendy Lieu, Katie Darling, Hugo Santana, Matt Lituchy.
Thank you to our partners at The Avery, Boston Properties, 181 Fremont.
Thank you to our community members Michael C., Adeyemi A., Deborah U., Ruth and Glenn S., Chris C., Roger and Adrienne B., Nancy and Chris M.

Make the Park a Reality

Become a Community Hero

The East Cut CBD is inviting all area companies to consider joining the East Cut Parks Coalition and contributing to this innovative park system to receive exclusive benefits through the park opening. In addition, we are offering three lead/naming sponsor positions—for the Sport/Fitness facilities, the Dog Park, and a public gathering pavilion.

Make a Tax-Deducible Contribution

Become a Sports & Dog Park Advocate

The East Cut CBD is actively engaged in conversations with area employers to discuss ways to support the park through sponsorships and our newly-formed Parks Coalition.

You can join the effort and become a Sports & Dog Park Advocate! Advocates are vital to the development of the park and can help transform the neighborhood by:

  • Facilitating a partnership discussion between your company and The East Cut CBD 
  • Introducing The East Cut CBD to companies and philanthropists within your circles
  • Promoting the East Cut Sports & Dog Park project on your LinkedIn page

To volunteer as an Advocate, it’s simple. Register via the link below so we may invite you to a special Park Preview Walking Tour and brief you on the plan to make the park a reality. This is a unique opportunity to work with The East Cut CBD and our partners involved with the project, and make a lasting mark in the neighborhood!

Register to become an Advocate

The Park

East Cut Sports & Dog Park (temporary project name) is a 2.4-acre park space planned in the East Cut. The park spans four blocks and will connect to a hotel, residences, and six different streets. The park features a large fenced dog run, two multi-sport courts, lawn spaces, an outdoor fitness area, a beer garden, three affordable retail spaces, a two-way cycle lane, and so much more! Whether you live or work in the area, whether you have children or pets, this is the park for you. East Cut Sports & Dog Park is the most connected park in the neighborhood and will increase mobility for pedestrians and bicyclists through the neighborhood. This is the large, clean, safe, and central space for public life the neighborhood needs!

Sports & Dog Park Layout

Folsom Pavilion

Pavilion and Flexible Lawn

Concession Seating

Concession and Leisure Games

Dog Park

Tehama View South

Howard Plaza


The East Cut Community Benefit District is raising funds to balance the Sports & Dog Park projected Operation and Maintenance budget and enable our public sector partners to begin the development process of EC Sports & Dog Park (including construction).

The budget deficit amounts to $4 million for the first five years of operations (or $700,000 per year). After five years, The East Cut Community Benefit District will propose to raise special assessments collected on area property owners to provide a long-term solution to the deficit.


Phase 1: Now – August 2022

The East Cut CBD must raise $1.2 million to enable City partners to begin the construction documentation. The goal is to raise the money before the end of June 2022, so construction drawings are completed by the end of 2023.

Phase 2: September 2023 – December 2023

The East Cut CBD must raise a total of $3.5 million to enable City partners to begin the construction of East Cut Sports & Dog Park. Once The East Cut CBD has the money set aside, hence guaranteeing the appropriate funding of the park’s operations and maintenance for the first five years, the construction process can begin.

Phase 3: January 2024 – 2025 Q4



Previous Updates

December 10, 2021:
The East Cut Community Benefit District launches its largest fundraising initiative to date, to save and build East Cut Sports & Dog Park, the most important park space in the neighborhood! For the next two years, The East Cut CBD will work to raise funds needed to operate and maintain East Cut Sports & Dog Park between the years 2025 and 2030. Those funds must be raised and set aside, in order for the City of San Francisco and public sector partners to advance the park development and deliver it by Q3 2025.

The first of two significant milestones is the fundraising of $1.2 million by the end of March 2022. The East Cut CBD already approved releasing $470,000 in reserve funds toward the goal, giving a substantial headstart to our effort.

The first of two significant milestones is the fundraising of $1.2 million by the end of March 2022. The East Cut CBD already approved releasing $470,000 in reserve funds toward the goal, giving a substantial headstart to our effort.

Through December 31, 2021, at midnight, The East Cut CBD Board of Directors will match donations from neighbors, up to $20,000!