OCII Continues Essex Street Hillside Clean-up

The Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCII) began clean-up of the Essex Street Hillside in September with ongoing cleaning and maintenance happening each week to maintain a safer, cleaner part of the neighborhood. During the spring of 2016, the Greater Rincon Hill Community Benefit District (GRHCBD) staff met with neighbors and property managers on Essex, Lansing, and Guy Place; gathered feedback; and documented the poor conditions of the hillside. Changes are now happening to make Essex Street Hillside a better, safe place for everyone in the District.

For years, the hillside south of Folsom Street and below Guy Place and Lansing Street has been used for dumping debris and bad behavior. One property manager told Greater Rincon Hill CBD staff she wouldn’t walk down the stairs on the hillside for safety reasons while another longtime resident and property owner on Lansing Street said the hillside even caught fire decades ago.

Although Essex Street Hillside is planned to be part of phase II of Under Ramp Park,the Greater Rincon Hill CBD is looking to foster a safer, more active space for everyone to enjoy even sooner. If you have ideas or questions regarding the clean-up of Essex Street Hillside, please email Greater Rincon Hill CBD at info@grhcbd.org.

You can also help us keep Essex Street Hillside clear and safe by emailing any health or safety issues directly to dispatch@grhcbd.org.

UPDATE: Fence covers were removed by OCII on Essex Street to increase visibility and discourage bad behavior on the property.



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About the Greater Rincon Hill Community Benefit District

The Greater Rincon Hill Community Benefit District commenced cleaning and safety services operations in June 2015. The mission of the GRHCBD is to advance the quality of life for residents, workers, and visitors, by fostering a safer and more secure community, enhancing environmental quality and beauty, and reinforcing the viability of the area’s economic base.