Scooter Etiquette, Everything You Need To Know

With the reappearance of scooters in San Francisco on Monday, October 15th, city agencies, scooter companies, and riders have a second chance at making things right. You may remember that the important influx of scooters earlier this year – a rather new way of getting around at the time – created a little bit of a capharnaum on San Francisco’s sidewalks. Hoping to reduce incivilities and create a favorable environment for this new mode of transportation,┬áSan Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency released a comprehensive memorandum that enumerates all the rules to follow and behaviors to adopt when riding or parking those new powered vehicles.

The East Cut Community Benefit District with its Ambassadors will help integrate scooters to the general transportation landscape and will assist the public to make sure scooter riders remain mindful of all public rights-of-way users.

Powered Scooter Parking Requirements and General Guidelines