Through June 2023, The East Cut CBD aims to raise $400,000 in donations to fund essential projects for the growth and prosperity of the neighborhood. Let’s make 2023 the cleanest and safest year yet in the East Cut!

  • $200,000 will help fund the addition of two positions on the Street Services Team with new equipment and overtime. These additions will help us maintain cleaner sidewalks, respond to service requests faster, assist more homeless individuals, and perform more crime deterrence around the neighborhood. We aim to raise these funds by the end of June 2023 to implement changes starting in July 2023!
  • $200,000 will help move the East Cut Sports & Dog Park to its next development phase. The East Cut CBD is nearing its first fundraising milestone of raising $1.2 million and with your donations, we can move the park to the construction documentation phase in June 2023!

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Support The East Cut CBD’s efforts in the community and celebrate the work of our dedicated ambassadors by making a contribution. Our team of 21 amazing ambassadors, dispatchers, and team leads is the backbone of this community’s quality of life. With your generous contributions, we can expand services and provide further benefits to our beloved team, including lunches, office and equipment upgrades, and more! 

Where do donations go?

  • Overtime
  • Team-building events
  • Therapy sessions
  • Equipment, breakroom amenities, team lunches

What’s missing in San Francisco’s fastest-growing neighborhood? A park that can serve all living and working in the East Cut and adjacent neighborhoods. That’s where the Sports & Dog Park comes in. Creatively designed under and around freeway ramps, the park will provide workers, families, and visitors with access to fitness facilities, public space, gathering areas, and one of the largest dog parks in the city.

By making an unrestricted donation to The East Cut CBD, you let us allocate your contribution where it is most needed.

Take advantage of tax incentives and consider donating company stocks or cryptocurrencies to maximize the impact of your donation!

Wire transfer
Please request wire transfer instructions, notify Pierre Lagarde of your intention to donate, and register your donation.

To donate company stocks and equity
Please request securities delivery instructions and notify Pierre Lagarde of your intention to donate.

Mail a check to:
Attn: Pierre Lagarde
The East Cut Community Benefit District
160 Spear St, ste 415, San Francisco, CA 94105
Tax-ID: 47-4687196

The East Cut Community Benefit District is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community benefit district based in San Francisco (Tax ID 47-4687196). Your donations, in excess of goods or services received by the donor, are tax-deductible to the full extent of the IRS Code. To take advantage of further tax incentives and maximize the impact of your gift, consider donating company stocks or cryptocurrencies.