#PEOPLEOFTHEEASTCUT – Meet Stuart, Neighborhood Resident

In this week’s installment of #peopleoftheeastcut, we introduce Stuart, a 17-year-long resident of the neighborhood. When asked what he loves most about the neighborhood he says, “it’s an urban oasis composed of all types of neighbors — who we get to see and interact with daily. We can share a warm coffee and a cool walk on the waterfront while sharing our stories. It is a real neighborhood, right in the heart of the city — with all the transit, access, and people.

Fun fact: Stuart is the Bay Area Bike Share‘s #1 system user with over 5,214 trips taken and 6,606 miles traveled. That’s a trip from SF to NYC and back! Stuart had to take the week off from biking while Bay Area Bike Share is replaced with Ford GoBike, a brand new system 10x the size with longer riding times, better bikes and a brand-new app. The new system will launch a week from now on 6/28.