#PEOPLEOFTHEEASTCUT – Meet Kathleen of Ada’s Cafe

In this week’s installment of our #instaseries #peopleoftheeastcut, meet Kathleen owner of of Ada’s Café at 375 Beale Street in #theeastcut.

In addition to being a café that serves gourmet coffee and fresh breakfast and lunch options, Ada’s is a non-profit organization dedicated to conducting research and providing employment for people with disabilities. As the mother of a child with a developmental disability, Kathleen wanted to create opportunities to empower her son and help him be independent. When asked what she loves about The East Cut, Kathleen said, “Ada’s Motto is ‘Where Good Food and Community Meet.’ We started and grew our business in Palo Alto and have enjoyed being a part of the fabric of the community there.  We have been happily surprised at how warm and welcoming so many of our neighbors on Beale Street and beyond have been. The East Cut is a wonderful neighborhood in the big City. Thank you to everyone for welcoming us to the neighborhood!”

Ada’s Café is open Monday-Friday from 8AM – 5PM at 375 Beale Street.