Partnership With The Surfrider Foundation To Launch Cigarette Ashcan Sponsorship Program

The East Cut CBD has officially launched a strategic environmental stewardship program in partnership with the Surfrider Foundation, San Francisco Chaper to install 10 cigarette butt ashcans at identified hotspot locations throughout the District. The trashcans are being funded through a generous grant received from SF Environment.

Working with reputable area leaders like the Surfrider Foundation and SF Environment will help shape a more healthy and safe future for all of our residents, visitors and employees alike. Once collected by our Street Services Team, the cigarette butts will be sent to a recycling facility in New Jersey called TerraCycle, where they are melted and reformed into plastic pellets that are used to make industrial products like railroad ties and shipping pallets.

We are joining the Lower Polk Community Benefit District, Portola Neighborhood Association, People of Parkside District and Treasure Island Development Authority as partners with the Surfrider Foundation.