Over $2,000 Raised and 750 People Attend The East Cut Fridays Pop-Up Art Show Solstice

Artist fnnch and The East Cut Community Benefit District collaborated on June 22nd for Solstice, The East Cut Fridays Pop-Up Art Show to activate a vacant storefront and raise funds for The East Cut’s Downtown Streets Team. Together, our neighbors and the larger San Francisco community raised more than $2,000 to rebuild the lives of unsheltered San Franciscans cleaning and beautifying The East Cut District every day. With additional support getting the word out from our neighbor Adam Swig Events, 750 people attended the pop-up art show, making the Solstice pop-up the most attended pop-up yet for District.

For his first self-produced art show, fnnch presented 15 new designs, 28 new hand-painted multiples as well as his first limited edition t-shirt. All proceeds from the bar, underwritten by fnnch, go toward funding The East Cut’s Downtown Streets Team, making the artist the District’s second-largest supporter of the program. To support and learn more about The East Cut’s Downtown Streets Team visit here our web site: www.theeastcut.org/donate

About The East Cut Fridays

The East Cut Fridays transforms vacant retail space into free community space for district workers, residents, and visitors. Since October 2017, The East Cut Fridays has attracted thousands of participants to its ground floor activations. Read more about our ground floor activations turning vacant space into community space here: https://www.theeastcut.org/news/helping-transform-vacant-retail-space-community-space/

To give your ideas or contribute to The East Cut Fridays project please email tom@theeastcut.org.