Folsom Streetscape Improvements Project Construction Update

Construction Update for 3/1/20:

The Folsom Streetscape Improvement Project reached Substantial Completion (all contract work completed, short of punch list items) on February 19, 2021. The punch list items left to complete include:

  • Repour concrete sidewalk flags where previously-installed concrete may have cracked, as well as new concrete where utility boxes have been installed
  • Install bus boarding island signage
  • Final electrical service switchover to new streetlights
  • Walkthrough with City staff to identify fixes for anything out of compliance with design.

Thanks to all residents, businesses, and visitors for your patience during this extended construction process. The East Cut CBD is confident that this new, multi-modal, pedestrian-oriented thoroughfare will be fully realized as a hub of social and economic activity in the neighborhood!


Construction Update for 12/11/20:

For more information, click here to visit SF Public Works’ project website.

Work Recently Completed:

  • Final roadway paving between 2nd St and Spear St was completed on 11/11/20.
  • New traffic signals have been switched over and activated at 5 of 7 intersections, including 2nd, Essex, 1st, Beale, and Main streets.
  • The concrete rain garden structure at Fremont Street has been formed and poured. The concrete structures for all three rain gardens at Fremont, Beale, and Spear streets are now complete.
  • Installation of the master irrigation controller is complete and will provide automated watering to the new street trees and rain gardens along the corridor.

Ongoing Work:

  • SFMTA is continuing final roadway lane striping between Beale and Spear streets. The green cycle track will be painted as SFMTA crews are available over the next few weeks.
  • The Casual Carpool sidewalk restoration on Beale Street (north of Folsom Street) will resume on 12/14/20 and will continue for approximately 2 weeks.
  • Continuation of final rain garden landscape and planting work at Fremont, Beale, and Spear streets.

Upcoming Work:

  • Traffic signal switchover/activations at Fremont Street and Spear Street anticipated to occur in January 2021.
  • Final installation of porous gravel paving within the tree wells. Material delivery expected 12/21/20, with installation to occur soon after. Once completed, all orange fencing at each tree will be removed.
  • The project is anticipated to be substantially complete by February 2021, if not earlier.


Repaving Update for 11/02/20:

Good news, East Cut Residents & Business Owners: The contractor for the Folsom Streetscape Improvements Project completed scheduled roadway grinding and repaving at 2nd & Folsom this past weekend, and found efficiencies in their process. They are now projecting a 5-day reduction in the overall schedule, and should have the full extent of Folsom Street from 2nd to Spear streets fully repaved by the end of next week!

Additionally, the landscape contractor will be returning to Folsom and Fremont street intersection this week to finalize the rain garden work, and will be finishing the tree basin paving work as soon as possible. Bookmark this page for any additional updates.


Dear East Cut Residents & Businesses,

Here is the latest Folsom Streetscape Improvements Project update from San Francisco Public Works. Please contact us at if you have any questions or need additional information.

Construction Update for 10/26/20:

Currently, the contractor plans to start final road repaving work this Saturday, 10/31/20. The work will begin at the 2nd and Folsom streets intersection and will progress toward Embarcadero. The specific details may change, but the current overall plan can be viewed at the top of this story.

Barring any unforeseen issues, the road repaving along the entire corridor should be finished before the Thanksgiving holiday week.

Other work items include the Beale Street casual carpool sidewalk restoration, which is currently in progress, as well as tree basin restoration. The final paving material for the tree basins will be delivered and installed in approximately 3-4 weeks which is one of the final items. The grand opening for the project is near!


Construction Update for 10/8/20:

Current Work:

·         The new street trees were delivered on Monday and are currently being installed.

·         At Fremont St: crews will continue work on the rain garden structure at the SW corner now that a utility conflict has been resolved. Remaining sidewalk work will be scheduled once the structure is complete.

·         At Beale St and at Spear St: crews will begin installation of irrigation, soil, and planting in the completed rain garden structures.

·         At Beale St: crews will start minor sidewalk work on the west side of Beale St to restore the casual carpool pickup/drop-off area.

Work to Be Scheduled Soon:

·         The Contractor has secured approval on all traffic control plans for final asphalt paving and is working to schedule crews and SFMTA parking/traffic control officers in the next couple of weeks. While most paving will occur during the week, some intersection paving will be required to completed on Saturdays to mitigate traffic issues.

·         Final miscellaneous landscape work and street furniture installation.

Special Notes and Delays:

·         Due to COVID related manufacture delays, traffic signal and pole delivery was delayed from its original date. We have been informed that the anticipated delivery date is now late-November. Once delivered, crews will start work immediately to install the new poles and signals at each intersection. Coordination with PG&E is ongoing and the contractor will schedule final traffic signal switchovers as soon as it is possible.


Construction Update for 8/27/20:

Ongoing Work –

  • Crews completed temporary asphalt paving along Folsom St (2nd St to Spear St).
  • Crews continued work on the structural landscape rain gardens at Beale St and Spear St. The concrete walls, curbs, foundations, and sand traps were completed this week, as well as the sidewalk and granite paver installation around the structure.
  • Crews have been installing site furnishings along Folsom St.

Upcoming Work –

  • Crews will start sidewalk work on the north side of Beale St to restore the casual carpool pickup/drop-off area. Sawcutting of the existing sidewalk is expected to start on Tuesday (9/1/20). Neighbors will see USA pavement utility markings appear before demolition work starts.
  • Final asphalt paving will be scheduled shortly once all traffic control plans are approved by SFMTA. Paving is currently anticipated to occur in late-September.

Special Notes and Delays –

  • The rain garden at Fremont St is on hold as crews wait for the existing traffic signal controller cabinet to be removed after traffic signals switchover in September (9/10/20).
  • Due to COVID related manufacture delays, traffic signal and street light pole delivery was delayed from its original date. We anticipate delivery to be completed in September.
  • Due to the complexity of traffic control plan review and approvals, final asphalt paving has continued to be rescheduled. Work is anticipated to be completed in September.


August 19, 2020

Dear East Cut Residents & Businesses,

The Folsom Streetscape Improvements Project is closing in on finishing, and we’ve received the following updates from San Francisco Public Works. Please contact us at if you have any questions or need additional information.

Construction Update for 8/19/20:

Ongoing work –

• Crews are focused on finishing up the rain gardens at the corners of Fremont, Beale, and Spear.

• Minor electrical work continues as crews prepare to switch over traffic signals in September.

• Casual Carpool work on Beale St is slated to begin this week (traffic control plan approved 8/17/20)

• Crews have put down temporary paving at select locations

• Over the past few weeks, the Contractor has continued to work with SFMTA to review and approve its final asphalt paving and traffic control plans.

Upcoming work –

• Once SFMTA approves the Contractor’s final asphalt paving and traffic control plans, the paving crew will be scheduled to start within a couple weeks.

• Final asphalt paving, final traffic signal switchover, and final landscaping (pavers, trees, etc) is currently anticipated to occur in September.

Special Notes and Delays –

• Due to COVID-related manufacturing delays, traffic signal and street light pole delivery was delayed from its original date. We anticipate delivery to be completed in September.

• Due to the complexity of traffic control plan review and approvals, final asphalt paving has continued to be rescheduled. Work is anticipated to be completed in September.

Project Status per Scope –

• Sewer: 100% complete

• Water (potable): 100% complete

• AWSS (high-pressure water): 100% complete

• Traffic Signals: ~85% complete

• Pedestrian and Street Lights: ~95% complete

• Sidewalk and Curb Ramps: ~80% complete

• Bus Islands: 100% complete

• Landscape (trees, pavers, rain gardens, etc): ~80% complete

• Roadway (concrete base and final asphalt paving): ~70% complete


July 24, 2019

Dear Neighbors,

Below you will find a description of the work being performed for the next couple of weeks as part of theTransbay Folsom Streetscape Improvements Project. Please note that tree removals work has been temporarily delayed.  We will keep you updated soon.

3 Week Look-Ahead Schedule

(West to East)

Block 1 – (2nd Street – Essex Street)

– Reconstruction of the new boarding island and reconstruction of the boarding aisle. 7/29/-8/1/2019
– Roadway street-base and replacement on the #1 right-side lanes
– Roadway street-base and replacement on the #2right-side lanes 

Block 2 – (Essex Street – 1st Street)

– Install streetlight underground utilitiesDemo install
– Roadway street base- replacement and renovations, both east and westbound sides. 

Block 3 – (1st Street – Fremont Street)

– Curb and catch-basin (gutters) demolition and replacement (southside)
– Roadway street-base replacement and renovations, both east and westbound sides.
– Underground street-light installation 

Block 4 – (Fremont Street – Beale Street)
– no activity 

Block 5 – (Beale – Main Street)
– no activity 

Block 6 – (Main – Spear Street)
– no activity

The full scope of work at this location is:
Tree removals (they will be replaced at the end of the project), demolition of the street-base and reconstruction of the bus-island, installation of street-light and traffic-signal underground poles and wires, sidewalk and curb-ramp reconstruction.

Mitchell will also be working on sidewalk, curb, and street base demo on the Southside starting at 2nd going East. This will be concurrent with the bus island construction.

For the sidewalk on the south side, they will keep the existing sidewalk along the building face for the path of travel while working on the sidewalk portion closest to the curb. Their electrical sub, Bay Area Light Works will follow behind with installed conduits/poles, and Bauman Landscaping will follow with curb and gutter pours. 

During Construction

Your utility services will not be interrupted. Please continue to use your household and business plumbing as usual.

Street parking may be impacted while construction occurs on a block. In some cases, depending on the phase of work, street parking may not be possible on part of the adjacent block as we taper traffic lanes in order to accommodate the necessary work zone. Crews also may detour traffic during sewer activity to allow for a safe work zone. We kindly ask that motorists please plan ahead and allow more travel time during construction hours.

Please see the posted “no parking” barricade signs for exact work hours, days, and locations. Parking restrictions may vary per block depending on the scope of work.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we make these critical improvements along Folsom Street.

Project Updates
Please visit for additional information.   

Folsom Streetscape Project – Things to Know: 

Work hours are Monday-Friday
8AM to 3PM.
Note: Weekend work is allowed however none has been scheduled at this time. We will notify residents/merchants in advance should weekend work be scheduled.   

Contact Information:
Mitchell Engineering.
Andy Noll, Project Manager
(415) 740-7828 Office

San Francisco Public Works

Contact Information:
Denny Phan, Project Manager
(415) 748-7562 Office

Dadisi Najib, Public Affairs Officer
(415) 558-5281 Office

Thank you, 

Dadisi Najib, Public Affairs Officer

San Francisco Public Works
Office of Communications & Public Affairs

*** Please Note: Construction scheduling is subject to change due to rain, equipment breakdown, unforeseen field conditions, or early/delayed completion of work at prior location. Please see the posted “No Parking” barricades for exact parking restrictions. Please note that restricted parking hours may differ from general work hours. Restrictions may vary per block depending on the scope of work. *** Should you wish to opt-out from receiving these electronic updates, please let us know by replying to this email requesting to be removed from future updates or unsubscribe by clicking the link below.