About The East Cut Name

The business of The East Cut Community Benefit District is to provide the highest quality of services for our residents, property owners, and visitors. Pursuant to this goal, we are working to unify the three neighborhoods of Transbay, Folsom Street, and Rincon Hill. The people of The East Cut district are what make our community stand out, thus, community participation is welcomed and valued.

Part of the CBD’s mandate is to help ensure our area’s economic vitality and success.  In a sector of San Francisco previously unnamed and often misinterpreted and overlooked, the CBD collectively decided to embark on a thoughtful and meaningful neighborhood identity and naming process to put ourselves on the map.  The sharp, modern name East Cut harkens back to our area’s history (the district’s geographical location east of the Second Street Cut), looks to its future status as San Francisco’s new downtown epicenter, and captures the best qualities of our community.

Our process specifically was to determine a name for the CBD itself, and not change the name of any existing neighborhoods within the district’s larger boundaries. To this end, the district identity project included a thorough review of neighborhood history and planning documents, a community meeting to launch the effort, neighborhood walking tours, key stakeholder interviews, ‘man on the street’ engagement asking people to identify their location, review of MLS listing names for the area, and numerous publicly-accessible Committee and Board meetings.

Recently, it has come to our attention that a “survey” has been circulated that was not condoned by our Board but purports to represent The East Cut CBD. While we appreciate the engagement and organizing efforts of the residents we represent, we were not consulted on the formulation of this survey and would have advised against it.

A unifying identity instills pride in those who live and work in a neighborhood, and is important for the future success of our rapidly-expanding corner of San Francisco. To ensure that our district’s quality of life keeps pace with that expansion, we at the CBD provide critical services around homelessness, community culture and vitality, street cleanliness, security, act as a conduit to city agencies, work collaboratively with the private sector, support a considered and engaged planning process for the area, and ultimately make sure citizen voices are heard as we shape the fastest-growing and most exciting neighborhood in the City.