East Cut Eats Supports Lao Table for Third Delivery Event

Last week, East Cut Eats hosted its third delivery event partnering with a beloved East Cut restaurant: Lao Table. Lao Table is an after-work and weekend eat-out hub for many; with elaborate cocktails, savory dishes and a lively atmosphere it has long been regarded as a go-to in our district. 

A Lao Table employee shows off the Lao Fried Rice – a favorite among many customers ordering to-go.

Lao Table has made a great effort to adapt to the changing Health Orders in regards to outdoor dining and created a welcoming space for residents in its new outdoor seating area. 

Lao Table’s new outdoor dining area welcomes customers daily.

Volunteers enthusiastically came together in support of this East Cut small business and nightly delivery revenue exceeded expectations. One-third of orders through the Eats initiative are from returning East Cut Eats participants, suggesting that the goal of encouraging local residents to make their weekly dine-in dinner decision as a result of East Cut Eats may be working.

Volunteers check delivery tickets as orders are prepped to go out.

This week, East Cut Eats has partnered with Asian street food fanatics, Spice Kit. To volunteer and for more information visit www.theeastcut.org/eats.

Lao Table put together a thank-you note and special desert to include for East Cut Eats participants.