The East Cut Open Space Inventory Is Now Available!

Spring is here and we can now enjoy spending more time outside! For those living and/or working in dense urban areas, public open spaces are ideal for enjoying a cup coffee, grabbing lunch with coworkers, having informal meetings, and much more!

If you wonder where else you can go beyond the plaza by your office building or the alleyway behind your home, and if you do not really know what spaces are open to the public and what spaces are off-limit, The East Cut Community Benefit District has just the right thing for you.

The East Cut district possesses the richest network of urban public open spaces in San Francisco and each space offers workers, neighbors, and visitors occasions to appreciate the neighborhood in different ways.

To help you master open spaces in the district and experience your neighborhood like never before, The East Cut Community Benefit District has put together The East Cut Open Space Inventory, featured on San Francisco Chronicle!

Find all of the neighborhood open spaces around you, from the hidden rooftop to the quiet mid-block alleyway, and discover what amenities each space features. We guarantee that you will be surprised!

Purchase a bound copy of the POPOS Inventory

Download the free digital version of the POPOS Inventory