The East Cut Community Benefit District Seeks a Non-Property Owning Commercial Representative to Serve on Board of Directors

The East Cut Community Benefit District (CBD) is seeking a non-property owning commercial representative to fill a vacant Board of Directors seat.

All non-property owning business operators within The East Cut CBD district are encouraged to apply.

To view the Board application, click here. 

Applications are due by Monday, May 15th and may be emailed to

About The East Cut CBD Board of Directors

The East Cut CBD is a non-profit 501(c(3) corporation governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board oversees the CBD’s management and operations as led by its Executive Director, and is responsible for the District’s long-range planning. The East Cut CBD’s Management Plan may be viewed by clicking here.
The CBD Board is comprised of up to a maximum of 23 members who represent various stakeholders in the District:
  • 7 residents (either homeowners or renters)
  • 7 commercial property owners
  • 5 non-property-owning business operators
  • 2 non-profit organization or affordable housing representatives
  • 1 representative from the Office of Community Investment & Infrastructure (OCII)
  • 1 representative from the Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA).
A majority of the Board – 12 or more members – must be property owners in the CBD. To ensure diverse representation, residential complexes (such as a condominium development), commercial property owners, non-property-owning businesses, non-profit organizations, and affordable housing complexes may not have more than one representative on the Board at a time.