The East Cut CBD and Supervisor Matthew Haney Provide Face Masks to East Cut Residents during Masks for D6 Event

Members of The East Cut Street Services Team and Supervisor Matthew Haney prepare to hand out masks to East Cut residents Friday May 9, 2020

Friday, May 9th The East Cut CBD Street Services Team and Supervisor Matt Haney joined together to distribute free face coverings to residents of The East Cut. Setting up at 300 Folsom, CBD staff and the D6 Supervisor greeted residents, answered questions and distributed masks to anyone in need. The masks were fundraised by generous contributions from D6 residents, organizations, and corporations as part of the Masks for D6 GoFundMe campaign launched by Supervisor Haney’s Office on April 17, 2020. The goal of the campaign is “… to secure reusable cloth masks quickly, for District 6 residents who do not have access to cloth masks or proper facial coverings.”  Over $20,000 was raised towards the effort in less than two weeks! The East Cut will host a similar event in June 2020, in the meantime, if you are an East Cut resident in need of a mask, contact and a member of our team will coordinate drop-off within The East Cut.