Second Lao Table Delivery Event

Last week, East Cut Eats volunteers and CBD staff met for a second time at Lao Table to deliver thirteen meals to district residents.

A still from The East Cut CBD’s Instagram Live Feed of the event showcases a smiling Lao Table Employee preparing an order for delivery.

Despite the sunny weather and indoor dining options newly available throughout the City, thirteen orders were placed for dinner at Lao Table.

Several indoor diners can be see at Lao Table, who is among many San Francisco restaurants serving indoors at 25% capacity.

The East Cut CBD and Lao Table staff were pleased with the number of orders, over half of what was ordered originally when indoor dining was not allowed in San Francisco, and parklet dining was rare. The continued interest in ordering through East Cut Eats despite the easing of restrictions suggests that residents still read and consider the weekly newsletter when determining their Thursday dinner options.