Let’s Make 2018 Safe For Everyone In The District

Although The East Cut’s ambassadors and community patrol work 24 hours per day to keep the District safe and comfortable, please keep in mind 8 key safety tips we’ve gathered from the San Francisco Police Department and The East Cut Team:
  • Stay alert when using electronic devices. Limit your distractions.
  • Always be alert to your surroundings and have your keys in your hand as you approach your vehicle.
  • Park Smart: Help avoid vehicle break-ins, leave nothing visible in your car. Consider moving your vehicle to a different location each time you load packages in the trunk.
  • If someone demands your purse, wallet, or packages, surrender them, make note of the suspect’s description and direction they flee and call 911. Property can be replaced.
  • If you see suspicious activity, please contact The East Cut Dispatch and the security team will determine if SFPD backup is needed. If you encounter criminal activity or an emergency situation, call 911.
  • Use 311 to report auto burglaries.
  • Shop with a companion, especially after dark, whenever possible.
  • Shield your PIN when using ATMs or other electronic devices in public.

As always, our East Cut Ambassadors are here to assist you. If you see something concerning (anything!) call us. If you feel uncomfortable walking alone on occasion, call Dispatch and ask if an Ambassador is available to accompany you. If capacity allows, we are happy to walk you to destinations within the district.

If you have any general clean or safety questions, please reach out. Operating as the “eyes and ears” of The East Cut, our Ambassadors connect individuals with key services, respond compassionately to calls for homeless outreach, and ensure that the district operates smoothly, fulfilling our mission to provide a safe and desirable neighborhood for all.

To contact our 24/7 dispatch center: call 415.543.8223, email us at dispatch@theeastcut.org or report here.