For the Holidays, Remember to Park Smart

To date -in 2018- The East Cut Services Team recorded 433 iterations of auto-glass cleanup in the neighborhood, that is a net decrease from the 1,079 recorded last year within the same time frame. The East Cut Community Benefit District’s Safety Patrol and Ambassadors used previous years’ data to adapt and improve daily crime deterrence and best address the neighborhood’s needs for crime deterrence, around the clock. This also follows a city-wide trend resulting from increased foot patrols deployed by the San Francisco Police Department. Although our neighborhood did not directly benefit from these SFPD patrols, the message sent to car thieves might have impacted our streets as well.

To maintain encouraging results and a strong public awareness, SFPD with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, the Department of Emergency Management, SF Safe, community benefit districts and local tourism and travel partners, is reminding shoppers and car owners of easy ways to park smart and avoid getting your vehicle broken into.

To Park Smart:

  • Never leave valuables in view. Place items in your trunk prior to arriving at your destination
  • Keep all items such as backpacks, purses, cameras and passports on your person
  • Park in a lot with an attendant, if possible
  • Keep packages with you until you’re ready to leave- or move your vehicle to a different location each time you load items into the trunk

If you witness a car break-in or want to signal a suspicious behavior, please contact the East Cut Dispatch via phone at 415-543-8223 or email

Photo Credit: San Francisco Chronicle, December 30, 2017.