Five Additional Bigbelly Trash Receptacles Planned for The East Cut

Current and proposed locations for the additional Bigbelly trash receptacles planned for The East Cut

In December 2019, The East Cut CBD, District 6 Supervisor Matt Haney, and the Mayor’s Fix-It Team announced the installation of five Bigbelly smart trash receptacles. These cans are designed to fully contain waste preventing break-ins from critters or curious passers-by. In addition, they contain a foot pedal for contactless disposal and a solar-powered trash compactor allowing for greater trash containment. The result? Cleaner streets and a more pleasant pedestrian experience – two outcomes The East Cut CBD greatly values. 

Through an Office of Economic Workforce Development (OEWD) grant secured by The East Cut CBD via their Invest in Neighborhoods program, the CBD plans to install five more Bigbellies in the district by the end of summer 2020. Based on feedback from our Street Services Team, the CBD is proposing the following five locations, however, we are open and eager for resident feedback. The CBD launched this survey June 13th which runs through June 24th. The two-question survey is designed to engage residents on the streets where a Bigbelly trash receptacle is needed most. Do you agree with the proposed locations? Is there a different street corner you feel is in particular need of a Bigbelly trash receptacle? Let us know – we want to hear from you!

Current Bigbelly Locations:

  1. Northeast corner of 1st/Howard
  2. Northeast corner of 1st/Mission
  3. Northwest corner of Beale/Folsom
  4. Northeast corner of 2nd/Folsom 
  5. Southeast corner of 2nd/Natoma

Proposed Bigbelly locations:

  1. Northeast corner of 2nd/Mission
  2. Northwest corner of 1st/Mission
  3. 160 Spear St. (Spear St. side)
  4. Northwest corner of Main/Harrison
  5. Northwest corner of Main/Howard