Five Additional Bigbelly Trash Receptacles Installed in The East Cut

Earlier this week, the City removed five standard cans from The East Cut to make way for Bigbelly trash receptacles. This latest installation brings the total number of smart cans in the district up to ten from its previous number of five (installed in December 2019).

A worker installs a new Bigbelly trash receptacle in The East Cut on February 12, 2021. An image of Guy Place Mini Park can be seen on an updated decal designed to promote the district’s green spaces.

This latest addition to the district’s Bigbelly cache brings the total to ten cans for our community. The locations of the Bigbellies were chosen through a process that combined resident and property manager feedback with data collected from the Service Team, identifying “high need” intersections.

Five intersections for new Bigbelly trash receptacles were identified through the collection of resident and property manager feedback along with data on overflowing City cans collected by The East Cut CBD Services Team.

The new decal wraps serve as wayfinding elements encouraging passers-by to identify and hopefully visit the nearest green space to them.

New decals were designed by The East Cut CBD to serve as wayfinding elements in order to advertise future green spaces in the district and direct passers-by to the nearest built greenspace.

We hope you enjoy the addition of more “smart” “cans” to our neighborhood!