First Lunchtime Collaboration Features Spice Kit

On Thursday, the East Cut Eats team got together at 405 Howard Street to prepare for the first lunchtime delivery collaboration with Spice Kit!

Fresh salads are prepped in anticipation of the lunchtime delivery rush at Spice Kit.

Spice Kit has been a favorite local lunchtime location within The East Cut for many years offering a delicious, fresh selection of Vietnamese street food for residents and office workers alike.

A Spice Kit employee displays a lunchtime tray headed out to a customer enjoying lunch in the adjoining plaza.

Thursday’s delivery event brought in eleven orders however, several patrons showed up in-person to order from Spice Kit noting they were inspired to re-discover the restaurant by the East Cut Eats newsletter!

Outdoor seating in the plaza adjoining Spike Kit offers views of works of public art and a portion of Salesforce Park.

Spice Kit is located at 405 Howard Street and is open from 10am to 3pm Monday through Friday.