East Cut CBD Welcomes The Lightbox Café to the District through East Cut Eats

This August 17th, after some delays due to the global pandemic, The Lightbox Café successfully opened their doors in The East Cut! Given the slowdown in business to restaurants across the City, The Lightbox Café team put a lot of trust in the local community by moving forward with their launch.

A collage of light-themed images in the interior of The Lightbox Café.

The name drew its inspiration from the vivid light display of the DocuSign headquarters located at 221 Main Street. Inside, guests can appreciate the dedication to using local products, materials, and vendors in nearly every corner of the Café’s interior and throughout its menu.

Beautifully finished tables were crafted from Marin County Redwood trees for The Lightbox Café.

Their cafe-style menu features California-fresh cuisine with some delicious Mexican-food offerings thrown in. Beers on tap, Verve Coffee, and local wines make Happy Hour at The Lightbox Cafe truly enjoyable.

Avocado toast, banana bread, and breakfast sandwiches are displayed at The Lightbox Café, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Friday.

The East Cut CBD and a team of volunteers were thrilled to support The Lightbox Cafe’s opening through the East Cut Eats initiative. A sign of the difficulty launching a brick-and-mortar business during these challenging times, orders did not meet expectations, but the owners were thrilled to be introduced to residents and appreciated that business will grow over time. Similarly, The East Cut CBD hopes that through events like East Cut Eats and the power of grassroots information-spread, residents of our district will begin to visit the Café and share news of its opening with their networks.

The Lightbox Café’s General Manager, Ritchie Palomo, confirms delivery addresses with an East Cut Eats volunteer.

East Cut Eats was launched to spread awareness about the importance of supporting hyper-local merchants. Small businesses help our community stay vibrant. They encourage a more diverse street life and attract newcomers and visitors alike. They serve as meeting places, serve basic needs, and make our neighborhood a more enjoyable place to live.

We encourage all who are able in our community to stop by Lightbox and welcome them to The East Cut; try them for coffee, breakfast, lunch or happy hour, or simply tell a friend that they are open! Thank them for investing in The East Cut.

Volunteers and The Lightbox Café team pose outside of the café entrance during the Thursday delivery event.

The Lightbox Café is located at 221 Main Street and is open Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 8:30pm. The café serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is open for outdoor dining, pickup, and delivery.