Community Steps Up, Fulfilling Service Team Ambassador Wish List through Donations

A new fridge to store healthy snacks, a standing desk to relieve back pain, and (most importantly) an updated coffee machine to pump out warm cups of “Jo” all day long. These are just a few of the items East Cut Residents gifted to the Services Team this holiday season through generous tax deductible donations made to The East Cut CBD.

A newly installed air purifier courtesy of East Cut residents.

The CBD and the Services Team was impressed by how quickly residents responded to a call put out in the December 2020 district newsletter sharing the Winter Wish List that asked for donations. Within days, nearly every item had been fulfilled with additional donations coming in towards the Services Team Lunch Fund, a fund that was reactivated by the CBD during March 2020 so that the Services Team could be treated to lunch “on the district” at least once per week.

A Service Team Member poses next to the office’s new fridge, double the size of the Team’s previous one, which was a gift through donations made by East Cut Residents.

“We always appreciate positive feedback from residents” shared one Service Team member, “but the fulfillment of the holiday wish list really was such a nice surprise. It went above and beyond!”

So far, the Team has installed a new fridge, air purifier, and coffee maker in the East Cut Services Team Office and has ordered a washer and dryer and standing desks- much to the enjoyment of all!

A Service Team Member stops for a photo after making coffee on the new coffee maker gifted to the Team through donations by district residents.

If you missed your chance to contribute to the Ambassador Wish List but would like to support the Services Team through a donation to the Lunch Fund, click here.