Salesforce Transit Center Stakeholders Coordinate Efforts To Ensure Quality Of Life

Salesforce Transit Center opened last Saturday, August 11, and since then the public transportation hub has already welcomed tens of thousands of visitors and transit users. The East Cut Community Benefit District and the stakeholders responsible for ensuring that the public enjoys a clean, safe, and pleasant infrastructure, are working closely together on coordinating their efforts to identify and address potential quality of life issues.

On Thursday, August 16, 2018, members and representatives of The East Cut Community Benefit District, San Francisco Homeless Outreach Team, San Francisco Police Department, Transbay Joint Powers Authority and members of the community, met to share their feedbacks on the first days of Operations of Salesforce Transit Center. The group reviewed quality of life issues brought up by Allied Universal, responsible for operating security services on the premises. The most pressing matters identified were directional and way-finding signage as well as pedestrian crossings on First Street and Fremont Street. Necessary steps have been taken towards their resolution

Future conversations will include partners from San Francisco Department of Public Works and San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, to consider the full scope of efforts needed in and around the Transit Center. The East Cut Community Benefit District also encourages the public to share their comments on the newly opened infrastructure, so they can be discussed at further meetings. Please email your feedback at, we look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new city landmark!