Information Regarding the Temporary Terminal

Update 7: On May 11, Mayor Breed and Supervisor Haney answer questions regarding the Temporary Terminal and COVID-19. Link for audio and video here.

UPDATE 6: Meeting held for East Cut property managers to receive updates and be able to ask questions.

UPDATE 5: At a meeting with Millennium Tower residents Tuesday evening (May 6th), D6 Supervisor Matt Haney indicated that the proposed Safe Sleeping Site at the Temporary Terminal has been paused for now and is not currently part of the group of sites being announced by the City. The East Cut CBD will provide additional updates as they become available.

UPDATE 4: Minutes from Special East Cut CBD Board of Directors Meeting


Board meeting audio here.

Board meeting video here.

UPDATE 3: On April 30th, The East Cut CBD sent the below letter to Mayor London Breed.


UPDATE 2: The East Cut CBD has learned that the site is now being considered for 60 tents, not 40 as previously communicated.

UPDATE 1: The situation is evolving and The East Cut CBD has not received confirmation from City officials regarding their intent to convert the site to a shelter location. Staff we’ve talked with state that they are considering multiple locations within San Francisco and that “no green light has been given” to use the Temporary Transbay Terminal for this purpose.

What is known is the TJPA and the City signed an agreement to use the site as a safe sleeping site until 30 days after the Shelter in Place order is lifted. City staff are working on designs for several sites throughout the city that would include sanitation and separation. The Temp Terminal is being considered for 40 tents.    

People may contact Max Barnes ( at the City’s Emergency Operations Center to request additional information or express concerns. He is the point person working to support unsheltered individuals during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We appreciate the anxiety this evolving situation causes, and assure you that we are in regular contact with Supervisor Haney and City officials to advocate for our community. We will provide updates as new information becomes available.

Dear East Cut Neighbors:

The East Cut CBD has heard from many neighborhood stakeholders regarding the City’s potential use of the Temporary Transbay Terminal as a site for unhoused individuals. The assumption is that this is being proposed in order to move individuals, such as those currently in place at 110 Main Street, from the sidewalks to spaces that allow for proper social distancing.

The East Cut CBD has contacted City officials in an effort to get more information on the Temp Terminal site, but thus far staff have only indicated that they are considering several sites and “no green light has been given.” The CBD has also been in contact with Supervisor Haney, who had not been previously notified of this, and is working with his office to get the latest information.

During the current COVID-19 shelter in place order, the City has made it a policy to NOT break up encampments, and the City’s Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) is telling unhoused individuals to shelter in place in their tents. As you are most likely aware, shelters and navigation centers are also no longer taking new admissions in an effort to reduce further transmissions of COVID-19. Likewise, it is necessary for our team to reduce the intensity and quality of their homeless outreach in response to COVID-19.

The East Cut team continues to work every day to ensure the neighborhood is safe and well maintained, and we are adapting services to respond to the changing dynamics and new information. If you see a need that The East Cut CBD can address, please do not hesitate to reach out by contacting our live dispatch at 415.543.8223 or via email at We are here to be both a direct resource to the neighborhood and its advocate. If you have questions about The East Cut CBD’s operations during this time, please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff via email.

The East Cut CBD hopes that you and your families are all healthy and managing through this time.