Folsom Streetscape Improvements Project Construction Update

July 24, 2019

Dear Neighbors,

Below you will find a description of the work being performed for the next couple of weeks as part of theTransbay Folsom Streetscape Improvements Project. Please note that tree removals work has been temporarily delayed.  We will keep you updated soon.

3 Week Look-Ahead Schedule

(West to East)

Block 1 – (2nd Street – Essex Street)

– Reconstruction of the new boarding island and reconstruction of the boarding aisle. 7/29/-8/1/2019
– Roadway street-base and replacement on the #1 right-side lanes
– Roadway street-base and replacement on the #2right-side lanes 

Block 2 – (Essex Street – 1st Street)

– Install streetlight underground utilitiesDemo install
– Roadway street base- replacement and renovations, both east and westbound sides. 

Block 3 – (1st Street – Fremont Street)

– Curb and catch-basin (gutters) demolition and replacement (southside)
– Roadway street-base replacement and renovations, both east and westbound sides.
– Underground street-light installation 

Block 4 – (Fremont Street – Beale Street)
– no activity 

Block 5 – (Beale – Main Street)
– no activity 

Block 6 – (Main – Spear Street)
– no activity

The full scope of work at this location is:
Tree removals (they will be replaced at the end of the project), demolition of the street-base and reconstruction of the bus-island, installation of street-light and traffic-signal underground poles and wires, sidewalk and curb-ramp reconstruction.

Mitchell will also be working on sidewalk, curb, and street base demo on the Southside starting at 2nd going East. This will be concurrent with the bus island construction.

For the sidewalk on the south side, they will keep the existing sidewalk along the building face for the path of travel while working on the sidewalk portion closest to the curb. Their electrical sub, Bay Area Light Works will follow behind with installed conduits/poles, and Bauman Landscaping will follow with curb and gutter pours. 

During Construction

Your utility services will not be interrupted. Please continue to use your household and business plumbing as usual.

Street parking may be impacted while construction occurs on a block. In some cases, depending on the phase of work, street parking may not be possible on part of the adjacent block as we taper traffic lanes in order to accommodate the necessary work zone. Crews also may detour traffic during sewer activity to allow for a safe work zone. We kindly ask that motorists please plan ahead and allow more travel time during construction hours.

Please see the posted “no parking” barricade signs for exact work hours, days, and locations. Parking restrictions may vary per block depending on the scope of work.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we make these critical improvements along Folsom Street.

Project Updates
Please visit for additional information.   

Folsom Streetscape Project – Things to Know: 

Work hours are Monday-Friday
8AM to 3PM.
Note: Weekend work is allowed however none has been scheduled at this time. We will notify residents/merchants in advance should weekend work be scheduled.   

Contact Information:
Mitchell Engineering.
Andy Noll, Project Manager
(415) 740-7828 Office

San Francisco Public Works

Contact Information:
Denny Pham, Project Manager
(415) 748-7562 Office

Dadisi Najib, Public Affairs Officer
(415) 558-5281 Office

Thank you, 

Dadisi Najib, Public Affairs Officer

San Francisco Public Works
Office of Communications & Public Affairs

*** Please Note: Construction scheduling is subject to change due to rain, equipment breakdown, unforeseen field conditions, or early/delayed completion of work at prior location. Please see the posted “No Parking” barricades for exact parking restrictions. Please note that restricted parking hours may differ from general work hours. Restrictions may vary per block depending on the scope of work. *** Should you wish to opt-out from receiving these electronic updates, please let us know by replying to this email requesting to be removed from future updates or unsubscribe by clicking the link below.